Clothing giant American Apparel has bucked the overarching trend for fresh faced young models in fashion campaigns, by using a 62-year-old model in their lingerie advert.

An image of Jacky O’Shaughnessy dressed only in lace underwear was posted on its Facebook and Instagram pages accompanied with the tagline: "sexy has no expiration date."

Ms O’Shaughnessy began modelling for the brand after being scouted in a New York restaurant in 2011. She appeared in their Advanced Basics campaign, her first ever modelling shoot, which she described as "lots of fun".

Speaking to, she said: "You know, I’ve read so many times that modeling is vapid at best. I found it to be engaging and creative. It requires energy and an ability to communicate without words. Marsha had something in mind and took a lot of care to get it right.

"It wasn’t a big shoot with lots of people fussing and helping, it was just Marsha [the photographer] with her camera so it was very personal."


The decision to use Jackie was widely praised on Facebook, with many applauding the retailer for "embracing old age" by using a model decades older than her youthful counterparts typically gracing the covers of fashion magazines and catwalks.

One person commented: "I want to see more models like her! Amazing!", while another said: "Hope I age just as beautiful!."

This is not the first time the retailer has controversially subverted fashion 'norms', after their New York store featured mannequins with visible pubic hair in the window - to very mixed reactions. Some commended the store for using mannequins of women in their natural state, while others found them "too graphic".

Story By Heather Saul