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-By Joanna Singletary, DYME Magazine

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What got you into R&B?

Since Before birth my mother and father have always connected me with music. My folks always tell stories on how my dad use to hold headphones to my mom's stomach everyday while she was pregnant. I’d say R&B was literally engraved in my mind.
I grew up listening to the old school music like SOS band, Anita Baker, The Temptations, Baby face, and sooo many more... my love for R&B sprang from there.


What do you love most about being on stage?

My love for the stage literally runs deeper then the eyes can see! The stage is a whole different kind of canvas for me as an artist, whether it’s a little platform in front of two people or a huge stage in front of billions. Performing and creating a show and a stage presence... it’s literally putting together a bunch of emotions to share physically to the world to see. It makes me so vulnerable but I love giving my fans that true me. You never know how you can change someone or someone’s day just by performing. 


Who is your biggest inspiration in music?

My biggest inspiration... this question is such a wide range type of a question, because there are so many. I have a lot of influences such as Lauren Hill, Musiq Soulchild, Erykah Badu, Baby face, Boys to men and TLC. I can go on forever. If I had to choose one, I’d honestly say TLC through the creative swag and the whole idea of these three energetic black woman coming together making beautiful music inspired me to be myself and know that it’s okay to be myself and different. 


What are some of the most memorable shows you've done?

One of my favorite shows was a show I performed in July 2018 in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA was the Freakshow Opening for Rico Nasty. If anyone knows me they know that I Love me some Rico, so I loved the Opportunity to experience that moment. 
⁃ Another is when I first started and got into the music scene. I was apart of A team called NxLVB3L and we put this lit  show together “Nx LVB3L kickoff in Shadyside”. I was surrounded by so much love and family. Me and all the members of the team put on a good show in a sweaty room full of people and great energy! I will always remember that day all the way down to the little pallet we used as a stage to make us a little higher then the crowd. It was so fun to perform for the first time and hear people rap the songs back to you. That was the first time I ever seen that. It was also the first time “Juiced Up Joey” was put on a shirt.
⁃ Another great memorable show so far was a show I Performed in at Level Up Studios On Penn Ave back in February 2019. My firsr Performance with Dancers At Level up Studios. I was so nervous because this was the first day I met 3 of them. My friend Mikey(Michael Roberts) made  a video of him dancing to my Song Whoa ft Stevie B. Then he  Ended up Pulling 3 other people together to make a dance to the song called “the Whoa Challenge” choreographed by Justin Scott. At the show at level up I ended up meeting the other three dancers from the Video (Kira Preska, Justine Scott and Vonnie Sewell) I loved every minute of that show! Meeting them all together it was like meeting family all over again and I performed with them for the first time like I was already fam. I am now apart of level fam so that explains a lot about what show means to me.


If you had a chance to make a song with your favorite artist, who would it be?

If I had the opportunity to work with any artist right now I would have to go with Kehlani (Kehlani Parrish). I have watched her progress since I was 15 and also not be scared to be and show herself as who she is through her music or through anything I’ve seen publicly. I believe if we were to make a song it would be so easy to be vulnerable to the collaboration. I feel like we would vibe nice and make a bop!


How are you able to influence people with your music?

I’m very open and vulnerable in my music. I usually make songs that are relatable and try to keep it timeless. A lot of people have told me that it inspires them to see my emotions through my music.


What is your favorite track you recorded?

My favorite track that I ever recorded would be “Forget About Me” it took Two days of studio time to finish the song. My producer Stevie Was not letting me called it quits until I came back and put work into it... The song itself means a lot to me and singing the first track in the studio literally made me cry. I put a lot into the making of the song I think that’s why that’s my favorite.


If you had to give advice to someone following in your footsteps what would your advice be?

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million times more!!! Never give up! Keep going even if you fall 40 times! If it means that much to you then you go hard for it. I never in my life thought I would even be here today, which I am very thankful for. Just stay positive, so your research and never give up on what’s important to you.


Do you think it's better to be an independent artist in today's music industry?

It depends as an independent artist its very difficult especially when it comes to finances, so if there is "someone" that can put up and help you financially then definitely independent. 


What upcoming projects/ events do you have coming up that our readers can look out for?

I am right now having my website done for 'Juice of Joey' so that anyone whose interested in knowing about upcoming shows, merchandise or new music can easily find it. Also I’ve been doing a lot of writing, studying and soul-searching for the creation of my next project and I cant wait to share my experience with the world!