Venezuela's Finest!

Where are you from? I live in the city of Miami.

What got you into modeling? Ever since I was small, I called my modeling attention, my mother saw that I enjoyed my taste in the modeling school, performance and dance.

How has your modeling platform allowed you to open up doors to continue your modeling success? It was very gracious. I liked to take pictures and a friend of my professional photographer on a hicimos day, post some photos and create an Instagram @bubblecurves2 when I saw the clerk posting to others instragram and empezaron to upload the followers opportunity to get to know the Cassino who is connected in the music and I asked him to be my manager and to know the industry at a level preceded him and me to get to know you to be and follow in this world of modeling.

What other areas are you involved in along with your modeling career? Good in the other sew in which I am now also creating my own brand of sexy bodysuits and sexy lingerie so that many good things come.


Who are some of your closest resources you currently work with that continue to brand you? Some of the more nearby resources and that's ready if something very good comes along with my manager and some music videos


Where do you see yourself professionally in 2-5 years? Good! In 2 to 5 years I see myself successful and presumably to continuing to encourage Latin women We are very poorly named in other countries and are also looked apart from our intelligence and talent that we come with.


If you can spend 24 hours with a positive influence, who would it be and why? I admire Michelle Lewis, I love her dedication to her positivity and her routine and to be Venezuelan.  


What are some of your biggest and most meaningful accomplishments so far? I think that being recognized on my level in this very competitive industry for me is so much of an important achievement!

Sneakers or Heels? Tacones (Heels), but I love the sporty look with sneakers too.

Love Story or Drama? Love story, no dramas.

Mz. Milly:
Venezuelan Model
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