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-By Shawna Smith, DYME Magazine

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Where are you from?
I'm from Brooklyn, NY.

What got you into music?
I started dancing at the age of 5, so I was always into music. My love for hip hop developed as a preteen. I remember getting in my mom's car and hearing Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, DMX, Jay-Z and Biggie all the time. I was in love with everything about it. The cadences, beats, rhymes and slick words had me hooked.

Tell us about Pretty Lyon?

Pretty Lyon is a vibe. The down to earth, relatable, cool and sexy girl. I’m not only a rapper but, I’m an all around entertainer. I model, act, dance and I LOVE to perform. I have a huge personality and I enjoy connecting with other people to build relationships. 

What what makes you different from other female artists?

I am in my own lane. I can relate to other female artists but, I’m more like the “good” girl with some edge and swag. I want to bring the Missy Elliott/ left eye vibe and energy back. The naturally sexy without trying to be sexy. I have a natural sex appeal that can be seen with me wearing sweat pants. I am a phenomenal performer. I dance and rap at the same time and leave people in awe every time.  

Who is your inspiration in hip hop?

Missy Elliot, Left Eye, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Drake.





Who would you dream of doing a rap song collaboration with?
Definitely Drake or Jay-Z

You energy is very catchy, is it something you have to prep for, or is it off instinct?

I definitely practice before every performance and I give myself little pep talks before interviews etc., but I’m always on Go. So when something is coming up, my energy is literally building up waiting for me to release it. Sort of feels like nervous jitters except I’m not nervous, lol!

What is your favorite track that grabs people's attention?

My favorite track that I have is 'Pack It Up'. It’s very catchy, the beat is tough and my bars are on 10000 in the song!

What producer would you love to work with?


What projects do you have coming up your fans can look out for?

I’m releasing a new single in April and I’m currently working on a few freestyles and a new EP!